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Today, pets have become family members and our best friends, offering companionship and unconditional love. We provide pet owners with more options, better resources, and educational involvement to develop a lifetime health care plan for their special companion. We accomplish this by having a compassionate, knowledgeable and professional staff that utilizes the latest technological advances and implements the foremost medical practices.

Preventative Care

At Indian Tree Animal Hospital, we look to the science-backed power of preventative care to achieve optimal wellness in pets. Whether you are a dog parent or cat parent, you can expect physical wellness examinations, vaccinations, parasite control, microchipping, and nutritional support to be discussed as part of your pet’s recommended preventative care plan.

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Diagnostic Care

One of the biggest challenges in veterinary care is that our dogs and cats cannot talk. They cannot verbalize what hurts where and many animals instinctively hide ailments. To overcome this obstacle, veterinarians employ a wide range of diagnostic tools to pinpoint issues quickly and confidently.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

At Indian Tree Animal Hospital, we maximize the safety and efficacy of surgical procedures performed at our practice by using the latest veterinary medical technology at the hands of our highly skilled veterinarians and clinical team.

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Pet Dental Services

With dental disease comes more than the foul-smelling breath. In truth, dental disease can wreak havoc on your pet’s overall health and quality of life! At Indian Tree Animal Hospital, we combat dental disease in our patients by providing comprehensive dental examinations, routine dental cleanings, and professional recommendations for continued at-home dental care.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Bringing home a new kitten or puppy is a very exciting experience. While adapting to your new family member, and gushing over their cuteness of course, it’s important to remember scheduling veterinary appointments at an early age for preventative care such as vaccinations and parasite control. Help give your pet the healthiest start to his or her life by scheduling an appointment with one of our veterinarians right away.

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Senior Pet Care

A thorough physical examination performed one to two times annually, along with lab tests, chemistry profiles, urinalysis, fecal exams, and an array of diagnostic tests, can check for signs of health conditions and disease in your senior pet. Our senior program at Indian Tree Animal Hospital offers significant health benefits. Ask us about how we can help your pet live a longer healthier life!

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At Indian Tree Animal Hospital, we understand that the treatment of certain conditions benefits from the scope of both Western and Eastern medical approaches. Veterinary acupuncture, in combination with traditional medicine, allows our veterinary team to treat an array of acute and chronic conditions in our patients, such as arthritis, wound repair, spinal cord trauma, and much more.

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