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Do you know why we are named Indian Tree Animal Hospital? In the past, local Native Americans would bend the trunks of sapling trees to show the direction of something important such as a meeting place or spring. No matter how tall the tree grew, it would always point which way to go.

New Clients Welcome!

We understand that pets are like family members, so choosing a veterinary facility is a big decision! Here are 5 great reasons to choose Indian Tree as a trusted partner in your pet’s health and happiness:

  1. Our doctors share over 45 years of experience practicing advanced veterinary medicine, including but not limited to preventative and diagnostic care, dentistry, and surgery.
  2. Since opening in 1990, over 1/2 a million furry friends have walked through our doors to receive exceptional and gentle veterinary care.
  3. When our clients refer us to their friends and family, we show our appreciation with special promotions, hospital credit, and treats.
  4. We are highly experienced in laser surgery, an advanced surgical technique that minimizes pain while also promoting faster healing and recovery.
  5. Our team understands how stressful vet visits can be for our patients. When designing Indian Tree, Dr. Kramer intentionally included small walls in the lobby to prevent patients from seeing each other and large windows to create an open, welcoming, and peaceful atmosphere.

We ask that you complete a new client form so we can get to know you a little better. You have the option of filling out this information when you arrive to your pet’s visit, or if you would like to save some time, fill it out online and submit it to us prior to your appointment.

In order to provide your pet with the best care, we need to gain a better understanding of their overall health. In order to do this, we will perform a complete nose-to-tail exam examining their eyes, ears, teeth and gums, heart and lungs, joints and muscles, and more. Vaccinations, bloodwork, and parasite testing may also be recommended depending upon your pet’s medical history.

At your first visit, you can expect our doctors to discuss:

  • Wellness Exam
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental Care
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Microchipping
  • Parasite Prevention
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • Behavior & Training

We cannot wait to meet you and your pet! If you have any questions about our facility or your pet’s first visit, give us a call at 303-420-4422.

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Located in the Highlands neighborhood of Arvada, directly Northwest of Denver. We are right off of Wadsworth Blvd and W 80th Ave near the Indian Tree Golf Club and Shopping Mall.

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